How do I grow in my relationship with God and others?


God never intended for His church to be a place where we come to watch other people do things a few times a week. We are meant to grow in our faith, and that includes participating in serving as well as in intentional steps to grow in our knowledge of, love for, and joy in the Lord as well as in our love and care for one another.

As disciples (which is what the Bible calls followers of Jesus/Christians), we are also called to be disciple-makers. That is- we should be intentionally and actively be taking steps to better understand God’s word and how it relates to the world around us so that we are better equipped to engage the people around us with the good news, hope, peace, love, and joy of Jesus.

One of the ways we do this is through Discipleship Groups. Discipleship groups meet throughout the year, usually in 6 or 12 weeks small group settings where we can study what God’s word has to say about specific doctrines, topics, ideas, etc. so that we can GROW as disciple makers – which is what we are all called to be as followers of Jesus!

These small group settings are great for fostering relationships and allowing for discussion, questions, and working through real-life together with God’s word as our guide.

“D-Groups” are intended to equip you to go out-into the world- to work, school, your neighborhood, community, etc. and pursue disciple making opportunities! If all we do when we gather is sit and listen or watch, we will never grow! Discipleship groups get you involved with weekly group discussion and daily Bible study and prayer.