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Reading the Bible Together in 2021, 2022 & 2023!

Updated: Apr 22

Beginning January 1, 2021, our church family will be reading the bible together in a bible reading plan that will run through 2023! This three- year plan will have us reading six days a week in the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs each day.

Why are we doing this?

Over the last few years, our church family has read through two bible reading plans (foundations and foundations NT) where we have been able to be reading the same portion of the bible each day. This has been tremendously helpful for many reasons: we have built-in accountability partners who know where we are reading and who can make sure we are staying on track; we are able to talk about what the Lord is teaching us each week in our small groups, Sunday school classes, with our children, etc... More than this, we are not scrambling for where to read in God's Word but we have a plan that helps us know exactly where we are each day.

What if I have my own plan?

If you have your own bible reading plan, no one is going to twist your arm if you continue to use it. The point is not the specific plan but rather that we are consistently in God's word.

How can I access this 3- year plan?

You can access the plan in one of a couple of different ways. All members of our church who receive our monthly newsletter will receive a copy each month detailing that month's readings. A secondary way you can access the readings at anytime is through our website.

Do you recommend any supplemental resources with this plan?

This plan is unlike our past two plans in that it does not come with a built in devotional book for each day's readings. Yet you can still gain much with a few helpful resource at your side. We recommend a good study bible, the ESV Study Bible is a good one or perhaps the NIV Biblical Theology Study Bible.

Each day, we recommend that you start with your readings and use a simple notebook or binder to record what the lord is teaching you. You may use the H.EA.R. bible study method or a similar one that helps you know what the text says and rightfully apply it to your own life.

Some other helpful tools that will serve you well in your bible study each day is a good, whole- bible commentary and a bible dictionary.

Always know that your pastors, your small group or your Sunday school leaders are a wonderful resource as well to reach out to if you have questions or just want to talk with someone about what the Lord might be teaching you.

“The Scriptures are absolutely key in the process by which the Spirit gives—and strengthens—the faith of Christians.” - R.C. Sproul

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